The most ambitious city centre regeneration project in the UK

A sustainable new urban quarter for Sunderland...

Riverside Sunderland is redefining our city: transforming a spectacular site into a unique urban quarter – an extraordinary place to live, work and play.

Ayre's Quay

A place to live

1,000 sustainable new homes providing the perfect launchpad for urban adventures and aspirational lifestyles.
CGI of street level of Vaux site

A place to work

1 million square feet of modern offices, commercial premises and other employment space, creating exciting new sites for businesses to grow.
Riverside Park

A place to play

Riverside Sunderland’s location is spectacular: amazing views across the city, of the river and the bridges, and out to sea; greenspaces, woodlands and rugged cliffs... there is no regeneration site to match this in the UK.
High Street West

Riverside Sunderland

We're at the threshold of a decade of change that will revitalise the heart of Sunderland and mobilise investment on an unprecedented scale. The city’s historic industrial heart will be reinvented as an extraordinary place to live, a dynamic business location, and a vibrant focus for community life, leisure and culture.

Riverside Sunderland Masterplan front cover

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The Riverside Sunderland masterplan will create 1,000 homes for a community of 2,500 people, and 1 million square feet of offices and workspace for 8,000 – 10,000 quality jobs. Beautiful parks and public spaces will create a memorable landscape setting for Riverside Sunderland.

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Vaux Neighbourhood