RS car park 2

City centre parking is set to be boosted with the arrival of a £14m car park, planned for Farringdon Row. 

A new multi-storey facility – which will provide between 500 and 750 spaces - is expected to be approved by Sunderland City Council’s Cabinet, and will be the latest addition to Riverside Sunderland, a new urban quarter overlooking the Wear.  It follows the submission of plans for two new offices – providing some 200,000 sq ft of commercial space – made last week by institutional investor Legal & General.  

The £14m multi-storey car park (MSCP), which will stand on the edge of Riverside Sunderland, will cater for the increased number of people who will live, work and play in the city, as regeneration advances at pace.  

It is expected that the MSCP will be used by workers in new offices that will rise from the ground on the site in the coming years, as well as residents and visitors to the area.  

If approved by Cabinet, more work will be undertaken on the design of the car park, before construction gets underway to complete it by 2022.   

Councillor Graeme Miller, leader of Sunderland City Council, said: “There is no mistaking the rigour and pace with which we are transforming the city centre, and with exciting new developments comes a need for supporting infrastructure that will ensure they enjoy maximum success.

“Making it easy for people to access the city centre is paramount to our goal of creating a vibrant place to live, work and play in the heart of our city, and we expect more and more people to be attracted to Sunderland, as we seek to create thousands of new jobs, hundreds of new homes and scores of fantastic new things to see and do in Riverside Sunderland and beyond.”

Provision of this additional car park capacity should reduce pressure on other city centre parking such as St Mary’s MSCP, as well as ensuring additional provision is made for a surge in people heading into the city on a daily basis when City Hall opens.  The civic building, which was funded by Legal & General along with its two commercial buildings  – a model adopted to create a number of public sector hubs nationwide – will be the workplace of around 2,000 people next year, with a range of organisations locating there including Sunderland City Council and DWP, as well as other resident support services.  

With a commitment to sustainability on the Riverside Sunderland project, the car park will include an initial 15 per cent electric vehicles spaces.  It is expected the car park will operate outside of normal working hours, to support the evening economy in the city centre, and will operate through a combination of pre-paid permits and paid parking.  

It’s position on the edge of the city centre, linked by the Strategic Transport Corridor to Sunderland communities, will also help reduce congestion in the heart of the city, and by consolidating parking in one large facility, the MSCP should help to achieve a pedestrian-priority for Riverside Sunderland.  The Riverside Sunderland Masterplan, which sets out a range of development projects that will be undertaken across the site – which comprises Vaux, Farringdon Row, High Street West, Galleys Gill and Sheepfolds – is expected to be released within days.

“We have a vision to transform Riverside Sunderland, and we are putting the building blocks in place to ensure that is realised.”

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